Crown Scientific is a medical research company, located in the heart of the San Antonio Medical Center in Texas. Crown Scientific has a 2,600 gross ft2 space with an 800 ft2 environment-controlled animal research/surgery suite and 1400 ft2 of wet laboratory. Crown Scientific provides a variety of equipment, resources and expertise to make translational science possible; from molecular and cellular analyses,  to animal studies, we provide the resources necessary to execute projects from basic science research to early phase clinical trials. 


We count with a wide selection of equipment (flow-cytometer, plate reader, ultracentrifuge, centrifuges, incubators, fluorescent microscopes, tissue culture hood, freezers, etc.) and we offer scientific assay development (ELISA, Western Blots, Analyte Quantification, Isolations, Extractions, etc.). In addition, we offer animal models in mice (biocompatibility, graft versus host models, tumor growth models, etc.) that can be executed much fasters than other organizations.



At Crown Scientific our mission is to find cures for autoimmune diseases, with a focus on cell therapeutics and regenerative medicine. With the immune system in mind, we have developed a battery of functional assays and animal models to evaluate, compare, and discover novel biological therapeutics that offer innovative solutions to incurable diseases.



We are located in the heart of San Antonio, the second largest city in Texas. San Antonio, the military city USA, is home to one of the largest concentrations of military bases in the United States and the city is heavily involved in medical research from government entities, academia, and private industry.




At Crown Scientific our Mission is to discover novel biological therapeutics and bring them to the clinic at an affordable price.



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