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Animal Services

At Crown Scientific we have our IACUC and Animal facility, capable of housing more than 400 small rodents. Let us carry your animal trials fast and at an affordable rate.

Since we are a smaller company our overheads are much smaller compared to large institutions. We can guarantee discounts of up to 50% from large institution animal study quotes!



Animal Facility: 800 sq feet of environmental controlled animal research facility with a surgical suite. The facility counts with biosafety cabinet, autoclave, anesthesia setup, Innovive double sided racks (disposable cages), downdraft surgical table, controlled warming pads and other basic elements to successfully perform small rodent animal research.


Humanized mice models: We offer translationally relevant preclinical platform to rapidly assess or develop human T cell immunomodulatory therapies. We provide services to engraft NSG™/NCC mice with human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (Hu-PBMC) generating xenogeneic activation and proliferation of human T cells within these models. The resulting Hu-PBMC NSG models then can be used to test the efficacy of human T cell immunomodulatory therapeutics for graft-versus-host disease (GvHD), autoimmune disorders, and cancer. 


Biocompatibility animal models: We offer translationally relevant preclinical platform to rapidly assess biocompatibility studies in vivo. Outcome measurements will depend on product being tested, but we have expertise in cell infiltration, inflammatory molecules/cells, relevant score systems, collagen deposition etc.



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