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Potency Testing

At Crown Scientific we have a wide array of experience on molecular and cellular research, included but not limited to:

- Potency Testing  (Immune)

 - Biocompatibility Testing (proliferation, cytotoxicity, cell infiltration, viability etc.) 

- Immune-regulations assays (T cell, B cells, Monocytes, Dendritic cells, etc.)

- Cytokine detection (ELISA, AlphaELISA, Colorimetric etc.)

- Flow-cytometry (CD makers, cytotoxicity/viability, cell populations etc.)

- Senescence studies

- Protein detection/quantification

- Exosome /protein isolation (Tangential Flow Filtration, Terminal Filtration, Ultra-centrifugation etc.)

- Cell transfection/inmortalization

- Bioreactor cell manufacture



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